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Notes on the border

Some things to consider when traveling along the Texas and. Mexico border

1.  Any helicopter flying at mesquite top level, ” with intent” is probably hunting humans and not wild hogs like we do elsewhere in south Texas.  We elected to leave the area, as there was only  a 4 strand barbed wire fence between the action and us on the FM road.

2.  You cannot expect to be able to cruise the top of the dam on your ride , when the dam is part of the international border. How an ordinary FM road near Falcon Reservoir suddenly becomes a FEDERAL facility,and gates and guards and ” you are entering Mexico “appear.   Not sure u-turns are allowed inside the gates, but we got away with it.  All of this before 7:30 am.

3.  For those of you that travel with the Arsenal of Democracy at hand, see the reference to federal facility above.  Travel wisely, my friends.

4. Panhandlers in Port Isabel, TX have a slant on things.  In 15 minutes at the lighthouse playing tourist, we discovered that everyone ( who is working you for money,and bless them for working at it) is ” just trying to get to Brownsville”.

Like a Tired Dog on the patio…

Is how I describe myself after a glorious day run on two wheels.  Happy. Worn out. Definitely thirsty. And glad that man’s best friend has not discovered how a good cigar completes the picture – or where I hide them from her just in case.

Most days it is easy to decide where to ride.  The absolute best days are the no plan at all beyond a general cardinal direction and a wingman, or my personal navigator on the back seat with ideas of her own.

We have found some good ones, and I hope to share the routes and those things of interest that can make a trip “one for retelling”.

Hence, Tired Dog Travels. Ideas for a day, a weekend, or something longer .